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Joint pain can range from midly irritating to unbearable. Every short-term pain and swelling in the joints can affect our quality of life.


  Company History

The company was conceptualized in the middle of 2007 by a group of visionary doctors and entrepreneurs who anticipated the potential of health care supplement industry in the country.

But it was on July 17th, 2008 that Life and Natures Quest International. Inc. or LNQI was legally established with its main office in Quezon City. 

Life and Natures Quest Intl. Inc. at present is run by a group of dynamic doctors who are experts and practitioners in various fields of medicine.


  AFC-HD AMS Life Science of Japan & LNQI 

Life and Natures Quest Intl. Inc.,  entered an exclusive  partnership with AFC-HD AMS Life Science Co. Ltd. Japan (previously named as AMS Life Science) to distribute, import & market  their various health food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic  products in the Philippines. 


  Company Facts


 Life and Nature's Quest Intl. Inc. is a company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC COMPANY REGISTRATION NO.200811188), a company engaged in importation, trade and distribution of health food supplement and skin care products.

All our health care products are produced and imported from our manufacturing plant and NYK laboratory in AFC-HD AMS Life Science Japan. 



LNQI is licensed by the Bureau of Customs to import health care products from Japan, Korea, Malaysia and other parts of the world.

 All our health care products are registered and approved by the Philippines FDA (previously known as Bureau of Food and Drugs-BFAD) before they are distributed by LNQI company partners.







  Mission & Vision

imageTo provide affordable, world standard quality health food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic  products in the Philippines.





imageLife and Nature's Quest Intl., Inc. to be the leader in health food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products/distribution in the Philippines.





  Company Profile 


AMS Life Science Co., Ltd., a general OEM (original equipment manufacturing) manufacture, are possible to correspond to each customer's various demands adequately by using "AMS Power".


"AMS Power" is a corporate posture to make customer's "dream" comes true which unite cooperate with the sales and marketing department devoted to customer-centric, product planning and development department concentrated professional staffs and production department had pharmaceutical level of quality control system. We believe that for this confidential relationship is an important power source to lead our company to the future and engage offering certain products to you. 


Name of Company: AMS Life Science Co.,Ltd.

Location: 3-6-36, Toyoda, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture 422-8027, Japan

Capital: 1,398,825,843 yen ( as of January 2007 )

Date of foundation: June 8, 1969

Date of incorporation: December 8, 1980

AMS Life Science Co., Ltd.

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  Affiliate Companies of AMS Life Science

AFC Co., Ltd. mail order sales and wholesale of dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. collection of health-related information and R&D of dietary supplements.

KENKO TV Co., Ltd. planning and production of health information programs, publication of health magazines.

HONZO Co., Ltd. A Kanpou for medical care, a general practitioner medicine and, production and sale of health care merchandise.

SHOJIKIMURA Co., Ltd. Retail and the wholesale of natural foods.



 AFC    |   NYK   |   KENKO TV   |   HONZO


We specialize in OEM

What is OEM?

Basically, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) means our company will develop and facilitate in the production of the client’s own brand of product.  Such product will be based on the client’s preference of formulation, brand name, type of preparation (tablet, capsule, powder, liquid form), label and package design.

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